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The Smoked Taste of Nature.

Enikay is a modern agricutural factory with impeccable health standards and nature-right philosophy. Our products are carefully developed and bred to international specifications by experts, ensuring consumers of affordable products with premium quality.
Since the conceptualization of this project, the company has taken inimitable steps towards this trailblazing dream in terms of acquisition of site, construction of processing and production buildings, purchase of sophisticated fabricated smoking ovens (chambers), employment of skilled staff, training of the unskilled ones, presently the takeover of Mumeiza Farms, etc leading to the quest to go into full scale operation in order to commence supplies to the already waiting local and international markets. Reactions by potential consumers and sales agents even on the internet have been awesomely encouraging.


To passionately build a world class protein processing and packaging group that is focused on adding value to the smoked protein processing business in Africa, and lives by working and networking with individuals and organizations who share this dream.


To be the premier and best known name in natural protein processing and packaging - the African style.


To diligently pursue this drive to ensure that by the turn of the decade, smoked processed and packaged natural protein of African (Nigeria) origin will become a major global dietary component.


Enikay is committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in Health, Safety, Security and Environment.

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